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New Life
26 July 2022
This little lad is only a few days old when we came across him and his mum out on the fell. Even though he is so young he is able to keep up with the others. There are 2 or 3 herds that roam the fells behind High Winder and many of our guests have been able to see these amazing animals.  ...
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Sun Rise at High Winder
10 July 2022
What an amazing view of the sunrise from one of our cottages - Winder Ghyll. This year the farmer has let his field grow into a meadow which has attracted lots of birds that are feeding on the seeds and insects. Many of the fields around us have been earmarked for rewilding projects. ...
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Attracting the wildlife
26 June 2022
Many of the fields around High Winder are reverted to meadows. This has resulted in wild flowers re-establishing themselves and attracting a wide variety of wildlife. ...
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A Helping Hand
12 June 2022
At High Winder there are always lots of jobs to do around the cottages and to keep the grounds looking nice and tidy. Recently one of our rescue donkeys Lucy, has been on hand to give advice. She often pops into the workshop to tell us just where we’re going wrong – everyone’s an expert nowadays!!! ...
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Still the star of the show
13 July 2021
It’s been so good to see all the activity this year with the red squirrels at High Winder. It wasn't that long ago that they seemed to have disappeared but now they are back. There are several families with their kits who are regularly using the feeders and posing for guests. They seem to know when the camera is on them and are still the real stars. ...
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New life and a new start at High Winder
15 July 2020
Here is Joseph and the newest member to join the High Winder team. He is a couple of months old and being bottle fed by Sue, but it won’t be too long before he’ll joins our other Herdwicks. Life has been different for us over the past 3 months with all the holiday cottages being closed. We reopened in July to guests and have to thank Cumbria Tourism for their support and advice -  ensuring that ...
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A Winter Scene
13 February 2020
High Winder is situated high on the fells looking out across the Eden Valley. We are just over 1,000ft above sea level and often find ourselves in the snow line. When we do get snow it transforms the countryside around us into a magical landscape.   ...
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The Far Eastern Fells
30 September 2019
High Winder is situated on the edge of the Far Eastern Fells. This  group of hills in the English Lake District is often missed and a real haven for walkers and wildlife. Reaching their highest point at High Street (828 metres or 2,718 ft) they occupy a broad area to the east of Ullswater and the Kirkstone Pass. Much quieter than the central areas of Lakeland they offer in general a much easier ...
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Wild Fell Ponies
21 July 2019
Guests at High Winder are often treated by a visit from the wild Fell Ponies. They roam across the fells all year and form herds ranging from around 10 up to 30. They are really magnificent and quite approachable. In recent weeks we have seen an increase in their arrival at the paddock fences. They are interested in both the donkeys, and having a good scratch on the posts. These ponies are not...
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Developing our sheep skills
30 June 2019
High Winder owners, Dave & Sue, have recently acquired a small flock of Herdwick sheep.  The ewes have just had their fleeces sheared and sporting much cooler summer coats. We are learning some new skills and catching sheep isn’t as easy as you might think. It was quite an occasion when we finally achieved the technique. As pets they are sure to have a wonderful life with us. They are named Bec...
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