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Aren't Herdwick's the best looking sheep
12 May 2019
Herdwick sheep are widely considered to be the most hardy of all Britain’s breeds of hill sheep but somehow they are also the most engaging and always seem to be smiling. At High Winder we have a flock in an adjacent field and always love to see them. Probably 99 per cent of all Herdwick sheep are kept in commercial flocks in the central and western dales of the Lake District. These fells run t...
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Meet Phil
4 May 2019
We have a regular visitor to High Winder called Phil. A magnificent cock pheasant who loves strutting his stuff and showing off his amazing colours. Quite an opportunistic fellow, he hangs around under the bird and squirrel feeders picking up anything that drops down – hence his size. We have noticed that Phil realises when the feeders are being topped up and is never far away for that easy mea...
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Red Squirrels
26 April 2019
At High Winder we have an active family of red squirrels who love to move between the 3 feeding stations. Guests are always entertained by their antics and there are lots of photo opportunities. The red squirrel has been declining since American grey squirrels were introduced in the 19th Century, spreading illness and out-competing them for food so.  The red squirrel is much smaller than the g...
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Baby Rabbit at High Winder
17 April 2019
Sure sign the weather is warming up. We have just had a new guest turn up in the shape of a baby rabbit. It looks so cute and hope it is going to make it through the night and not become supper. Mind you rabbits are such a problem here and every morning there is fresh signs of their nocternal activities across my lawn. ...
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12 April 2019
Been a crazy few days weather-wise here at High Winder – what a difference a day makes? We awoke earlier this week to snow that allowed some of our guests to go toboggan on the fells. As soon as it came it disappeared and today there was a fantastic sunrise in front of all the cottages. Looks like a great opportunity to get those boots on and head-on out. ...
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