Donkeys at High Winder

Working with the Donkey Sanctuary in Devon, we are pleased that Lucy and Joy have come to their new home at High Winder.

Lucy is 9 years old and is the mother of Joy who is 4 years old. In donkey terms they are both young as their life expectancy can be anything up to 40 years.

They live in the ‘Donkey Den’ and enjoy eating grass in the paddocks. We have to regularly  monitor their weight as in the wild donkeys live on scrub vegetation and walk long distances. Here at High Winder we restrict the amount of grass they eat and give them access to barley straw that fills them up.

The Donkey Sanctuary was foundered by Dr Elisabeth Svendsen MBE in 1969 and is based down in Sidmouth. They now have a worldwide remit for educating people about donkeys and providing rescue facilities for these animals who sometimes live in harsh conditions and treated cruelly.

Lucy and Joy we be well loved by Dave and Sue and all the visitors to High Winder.

Posted: 22 June 2019